WIN a 4ft RED Cooker

Help the homeless families of Eastern North Carolina
Help the homeless families still struggling in Eastern North Carolina


Last year, Eastern North Carolina took a hard hit with Hurricanes and severe flooding that affected thousands upon thousands of families.

Many of those families remain homeless and still in need of help.  We can’t help them all, but maybe we can help a few. And, we’d like to ask you to join us as we endeavor to do just that.

Carolina Pig Cookers has donated a 4ft RED Cooker to our local church, the “Sanford Church of God.”

Through the church, we are going to raffle off this cooker. We have limited ticket sales to 400, and ticket donations are just 20.00 each. The drawing will take place on May 02, 2019. We hope to get our local Sheriff to pull the winning ticket. Winner will be contacted and then announced here on our site.

The Sanford Church of God will turn over all the money collected to a fellow church in Eastern North Carolina and that church will distribute the money to the homeless families still in need.

Here’s how you can help.

Cooker Raffle to help Flood Victims in Eastern North Carolina.

100% of the funds collected will be given to help families that are homeless and/or in need in Eastern North Carolina following the flooding and hurricanes of 2018. We appreciate your help.

Donation amount: $20.00 each

Please follow these steps.

Make your check or money order payable to:  Sanford Church of God

Please write “Flood Donation” in the lower left hand note section on your check.

Include your phone number if it’s not printed on your check. We must have this to contact you if your name is selected as the winner of the cooker.

Mail to:
ATTN: Elvin Gordon
Sanford Church of God
2105 Pathway Circle
Sanford, North Carolina  27330

We can either text you a photo of your entry stub, or we can mail the ticket stub to you at your request. Texting a receipt will save us on postage if that works for you.

Drawing will be held on May 02, 2019. Drawing is limited to no more than 400 tickets.

If you win, you have the option to pick up your cooker, or to receive the 2,000.00 value as a cash prize.

Thank you for helping the families still in need in the Eastern portion of North Carolina. Your participation is greatly appreciated and we wish you the best.

If you have any questions, please let us know. May God bless you for your support.

Be Blessed!!!
The Gordon Family



Carolina Pig Cookers, main image.
Win a 4ft RED Carolina Pig Cooker grill.

Add additional options at your own expense if desired, or take a 2,000 cash prize instead.

Delivery of the cooker is not included, but could be arranged for an additional fee.