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Welcome to the home of the best pig cookers anywhere around. We are Carolina Pig Cookers, and we’re extremely glad that you’ve found us. We look forward to working with you on your new custom cooker.

At Carolina Pig Cookers, we believe we have the BEST Pig Cookers for sale on the market today. We’ve sold thousands of them over the past years, and have satisfied customers all across the United States, and a few even outside the USA.

Full details on our Diamond Plate Construction cookers is just a few clicks away.  We trust you’ll enjoy your visit to our site, and that you’ll find answers to many of the questions you might have before you decide on the perfect cooker for you.

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We can deliver our cookers to you, or ship them to you.  We’ve had folks from as far away as Kentucky, New Jersey, Virginia, Tennessee, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia and South Carolina, come pick one up.  We’ve met some of them half way.  In other words, we’ll work with you to get your cooker to you as economically as possible.

Take your time and look around our site.  Take a look at some of our newest customers, and check out the videos from many of our customers when they see their cooker for the first time.  Contact Us any time you need more information, or whenever you’re ready to place an order.

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