Double Grate Turner

Flipping a pig or a grill full of chicken is easy with our Double Grate Turner.
Let’s take a closer look at the Double Grate Turner on a Carolina Pig Cooker.



How The Double Grate Turner Works:

Side view of the Double Grate Turner installed on a Carolina Pig Cooker.
This is a side view of a Carolina Pig Cooker with the Double Grate Turner option.

The small chain holds a pin that is used to allow one man to easily flip a whole pig.



Insert the pin into the hole on the handle bar.
The post has three holes in it on each side.
One man can lift the handle and post, then insert the pin into the first hole.
Walk around to the other side, lift and insert the pin into the second hole.
Return to the first side, lift the post again, insert the pin into the third hole.
Walk back to the other side, lift the post, insert that pin into the third hole.



With the double grate turner at its highest position, flip the pig.
Once you have both sides raised to their highest position, just flip the pig over.

With the pig now flipped over, you just reverse the procedure for raising the grate, and lower the pig back down to the normal position. We’re demonstrating the procedure with two men here, which is great if you have some help around.  But, one man can do it by himself in just a few short minutes and with minimal effort.

The Double Grate Turner is just one of the options we offer on our cookers. While its not for everybody, it’s available if you need and want one. As the name implies, it comes with two cooking grates. One is the bottom grate, the other a top grate.

You can place a whole pig on the bottom grate, or fill it with chicken halves.  Place the top grate on top of the meat, and secure each corner with the added chains and pins, making sure you have both grates snugged together pretty tightly.

When you’re ready to flip the meat, be sure to check the chains and pins again before turning. As the meat cooks, especially a whole pig, it will reduce some in thickness.

You need to always check the chains and pins, snugging them down as needed, prior to flipping the meat over. If you forget to do this, the grates could possibly be loose enough that the meat would try to slide out as you flip the double grates over.

The Double Grate Turner comes in really handy if you cook a lot of meat at one time.  Being able to flip ALL of your chicken or other meats over at the same time can certainly speed up the process and make things easier.

Some folks like to flip a whole pig after its cooked awhile on one side, while other folks never flip them. It’s always a personal choice, but now you have the option of doing it with our Double Grate Turner.

If you have any questions about how the turner works, be sure to give us a call.  We’re always happy to answer any questions you might have about our cookers. We know its a big purchase, and we want you to be fully satisfied that you’re making the right decision by choosing a Carolina Pig Cooker as your next grill.



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